Every room has its own history

At the Manor there are comfortable rooms (full board): all the rooms look out across the park, cascade of ponds and stone bridges of the beginning of the 19th century. Decoration of the rooms includes ceramic and bronze arts, silks and gobelins, antique and modern furniture.

Guests have at their disposal double and three-man rooms.

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E.g., 11/04/2021
Hermitage Room
Легкость и роскошь!
"Baskets" Room
Сладость вкуса
Moroccan Room
Жара Марокко!
"Egypt" room
Egypt Sun
"Quince" Room
Добро пожаловать к источнику!
Gothic room
Особая атмосфера
Landscape Room
Панно времён..
Эпоха возрождения!
Double room
Традиции гостеприимства
Apartments for 3 persons
Отдых со вкусом
«French» room
Любителям французской романтики
Wedding room
Шампанское и фрукты в подарок
The Queen of Spades Room
Таинственная история
«East» Room
Настроение заморских путешествий
«Rotunda» Room
Под куполом
«Irises» Room
Очарование весенних цветов
«English» room
В духе изысканной сдержанности
«Mirror» room
Мир удивительных отражений
About the Manor
The best traditions

Maryino Manor is situated on the beach of Big (Bolshoi) Pond surrounded by romantic park. Manor is the former patrimony of counts Stroganovs and princes Galitzins: greatest military leaders and educated diplomats, good friends of Russia's imperial family and founders of more than 500 new towns in Siberia, generous sponsors and hospitable hosts.

In 2008 Maryino became a private property: its new owner entrepreneur Galina Stepanova breathed new life into the manor and now a new history of Maryino creates.