"Oriental" room
Dreaming of Journeys

At all times, people were attracted by wanderings to distant countries, where everything is different: different language, different culture, different houses...

And one has always tempted to bring a piece of this exotic with them to show to their friends and loved ones.

And therefore, long caravans with miraculous overseas goods set out on a difficult journey from afar: unusual colored fabrics, carpets, fragrant spices, bizarre-shaped dishes.

Having such items in the house was considered a peculiar luxury, because not all the people could afford it.

The decoration of the Oriental room is dedicated to this spirit of the search for overseas exotics and the thirst for travel as world cognition. Feel the delight that our ancestors experienced hundreds of years ago, getting acquainted with the seemingly unusual culture!

The room rate includes:
Free wi-fi
Three meals
Free skiing
Free boating
Free billiards
Bike rides
Water bottles 0,33 l

Hour of arrival: 10.00

Hour of departure: 10.00

Accommodation with children: baby cots are available

Reception opening hours are from 09.30 to 18.00

Please note that pets are allowed at an additional cost

"Oriental" room
2-3 guests
Room price
25650 ₽
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E.g., 11/08/2022
Art Gallery

In the manor of Maryino there is a tradition: in spring and autumn, artists go to the open air. As the painters themselves say: "clean the palette", because when you go out into the fresh air, you immediately see the variety of colors around you-you admire, you are inspired and you begin to learn color from nature itself.

At the end of the plein air, the artists ' works are displayed in the exposition of the estate. You can always buy your favorite works. We have collected most of them in a special section on our website.

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